Sunday 30 December 2018

Mitsubishi G3M1-L/L3Y1 "Tina" - video

A video from the NHK collection entitled "Gakudo Akogare no Ozora e" (School students in the longing sky). The narrator explains:
"On July 18, 1943 school students, who will become pilots in the future, visited Haneda airfield in Tokyo in a short flight training experience. They put on pilot's flight suits and their hearts leaped with joy when they got on an airplane for the first time."
The officer at the end of the video asks the students:
"How did you feel flying on an airplane for the first time?
And one of the students replies:
"Yes, it was amazing. When I grow up I will become a superb pilot and get ready to shoot from the sky every single US/UK airplane."
Of special interest though, is the Mitsubishi G3M1-L/L3Y1 "Tina" transport and the extremely rare cabin shots. Note that the bomb attachment points under the fuselage have been replaced and probably strengthened. Also note how weathered the aircraft is at places in close-ups but how pristine looks from afar.

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