Monday 17 December 2018

Nipponki '46 - "Shiokaze" Sea Rescue Large Size Flying Boat

 "Shiokaze" Sea-Rescue Large Size Flying Boat

A flying boat designed to alight near merchant ships in danger to rescue the crew. From the rear door/ramp, rescue motor boats could be launched. ["Shiokaze" means "sea wind"]
Engine: air-cooled 4 X 2000hp
                     Max speed: 340km/h
                     Cruising speed: 290km/h
                     Range: 6800km
Crew: 16, passengers: 85
All-metal construction, rooms are soundproof and heated
1. cockpit
2. radio room
3. radar
4. front observation post
5. generator/dynamo and engine room
6. captain's room
7. crew rest station
8. rescue motor boats
9. door
10. passenger rest station
11. fuel tank
12. food & medicine store room
13. infirmary
14. rescue equipment store room
15. passenger rest station
The same design can be modified to become long distance bomber, patrol and passenger transport flying boat. Note the stabilizing sponsons.
Designed by: Mito Atsuji from Shimonoseki
Featured in the April 1942 issue of the magazine "Koku Shonen" (Aviation Youth) 
A design with a distinctly British feel to it. Very similar in concept and design to Short Seaford

Or as zegyeye pointed out, even closer to the Boing 314

The rear ramp with the motor boats is particularly intriguing. I admit I've never heard of such a feature on a flying boat although I guess it could make sense in a way.
The only "flying boat" that could come close, is the experimental Stroukoff YC-134 with the unique system that could land the transport on water. Note the three-tail feature similar to the "Shiokaze" design.
How about something like that?
Jokes aside the ramp in the back could be useful in open sea rescue operations but not so practical if it's required to unload passengers or supplies on an island or a harbour, since it would be impossible the flying boat to back up towards a dock, a pier or a beach. I think this is the reasoning behind placing the large doors in the front of the experimental Kawanishi H11K-1 "Soku" super transport flying boat.
And let's not forget the Convair R3Y Tradewind.


zegeye said...

This Shiokaze design is like a Boeing Model 314 ....

Arawasi said...

That's right zeg! You nailed it!

Harold K said...

Please keep these "what if?" designs coming; this is an excellent series!

I never knew of the H11K-1. Is your photo of a mockup or a real airplane? If real, was it flown?

Arawasi said...

Thanks Harold.
Check the link if you like for the story and data of the plane.

Harold K said...

"Check the link if you like … "

Duh; the answer was right in front of me.
Thanks George.