Thursday 27 December 2018

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 010 -DOUG BEARDSWORTH

I have been building plastic models since the age of four. However I also had a strong interest in rubber powered scale models made from balsa and covered with Esaki tissue that has overlapped my plastic model building.
I designed and built a Kawanishi Kyofu flying scale model with a wingspan of approximately 19 inches. My interest in this aircraft started upon seeing one on outdoor Display in Warminster, Pennsylvania back in the early 1980's. In 2007, I drew up a set of plans for a 1/24 scale Free Flight rubber powered Kyofu, using the Hasegawa  plastic kit as the primary reference for my drawings.  Construction took place over the winter of 2007 and 2008 using traditional methods of rubber powered model construction.
The model is a stable flyer, and it scored well in static scale judging in the Flying Aces Club  "Rubber Scale" competition category in 2008. However its duration was never much more than 30-35 seconds due to the limitation on propeller diameter, which was restricted  by the main float. Flights were "short and sweet" as they say.
After flying it for several years in this "Rubber Scale" class, I converted it from rubber power to electric powered Free Flight. This change moved the model into in a new class called "Power Scale ". The electric motor spun a much smaller two bladed prop, and it continued to be a stable flyer. The model made numerous flights of 2 minutes or more in this class.
- Doug Beardsworth, Thomaston CT, USA -

Check this AMAZING video:


Arawasi said...

I love it! Thank you very much for contributing something entirely different to our competition. I don't know how to judge models like yours though. The effort alone makes me want to give it a 9.

MDriskill said...

That’s terrific! I cut my modeling teeth on classic Guillow’s kits and this is way beyond those! 9.

Harold K said...

Never done such a thing myself (plastic only) BUT I know great work when I see it!
(Checking in from Stratford, Doug :o) )

Michael Furry said...

I grew near Warminster and remember going to that display many times, remember the Jill? Fantastic model! Balsa and tissue modeling is whole different ball game. Thank you for sharing.


Danilo said...

Great job indeed! Although not a plastic/resin model it deserves a 9, at least!
I take this opportunity to wish George, Kiri and all the friends of this fine blog all the best for the next New Year.

D. Chouinard said...

Fantastic work! This type of model building is somewhat of a "lost art", something you don't see very often these days. 9